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Performing Arts


  • Finished productions debuted in 2016-2017 (productions premiered previously will also be considered).
  • Associated or participating artists in any residence.
  • Professional artistic talent.
  • Theatre, dance, circus, performance, magic…
  • A maximum of 8 works established for the exhibition.


  • Businesses and professionals from the performing arts sector in Navarra.
  • Call for artists to sign up under the 948 Merkatua section of
  • For this programme, the organisers have defined professional criteria and will take into consideration projects subsidised/funded through programmes run by the Regional Government of Navarra, artistic quality, artists’ CVs and track record, special interest in productions to be sold in the different target markets/territories, Gayarre Awards…
  • A good practices manual will also be defined, along with gender, language, generational criteria...


  • One to one meetings at Baluarte with interested professionals in the meeting point space of the proactive market. Appointments will be scheduled previously with the appointments manager through the webpage. Appointments will be held in the mornings.
  • Performance of productions at the Teatro Gayarre and Escuela Navarra de Teatro in the afternoons/evenings.
  • A programme will be drawn up with the selected productions.
  • Interested professionals will have a reserved ticket.
  • These performances will also be open to members of the public from Navarra.


  • Festival Directors.
  • Cultural centre programme schedulers.
  • Performing arts and dance companies.
  • Institutions
  • Performing arts distributors.
  • Other programme schedulers.


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948 Merkatua – Navarra Arts Market.

Organized by

Gobierno de Navarra
Dirección General de Cultura - Institución Príncipe de Viana
Ayuntamiento de Pamplona


Obra Social La Caixa
Fundación Caja Navarra
Museo Jorge Oteiza
Museo de Navarra
Centro de Arte Contemponáreo de Huarte
Filmoteca de Navarra
Universidad de Navarra
Enterprise Europe Network
Asociación de la Industria Navarra
Universidad Pública de Navarra
Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED)
Servicio Navarro de Empleo - Nafar Lansare
Euskarabidea - Instituto Navarro del Euskera
AECT Eurorregión Aquitania-Euskadi-Navarra
Consejo General Pirineos Atlánticos
Office Artistique Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine
Écrit cinéma livre audiovisuel
Gobierno de La Rioja
Gobierno de Aragón
Gobierno Vasco
Generalitat de Catalunya
Ayuntamiento de Logroño
Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza
Ayuntamiento de Biarritz
Ayuntamiento de Bayona
Ayuntamiento de Burdeos
Ayuntamiento de Anglet
Ayuntamiento de Pau
Ayuntamiento de Hendaya
Région Nouveele-Aquitaine
Fusée - Reseau des acteurs de l'art contemporain en Aquitaine
Cámara Transfronteriza Bihartean
Cartel - Réseau des acteurs de l'art contemporain en Aquitaine
CINQ/25 - Réseau art contemporain en Limousin
Réseau des indepéndants de la musique
Le Laba
ADENNA - Alianza de Diseñadores
FRAC Aquitaine
Escuela Navarra de Teatro
Hotel Tres Reyes
Hotel Maisonnave
Euskal Kultur Erakundea - Institut Culturel Basque
Museo Universidad de Navarra
Asociación de Hostelería de Navarra
Fundación Baluarte