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The 948 Merkatua Pro activities in Baluarte aimed at accredited professionals will include an area with exhibition stands.

To secure yourself a place in this area in the 2018 edition, it is necessary to make an application using this registration form and provide the information requested.

The deadline for the receipt of proposals is 1 October 2018.

The organisation’s artistic committees will then proceed to select the successful applications and the applicants will be informed in good time.


If more applications are received than there are stands available in the Baluarte PRO space, the order of application will be followed to decide who should be assigned a space.

The exhibition of art and the sale of products is not permitted in the stand area, which is designed for the promotional presentation of products or services.

Each professional will be responsible for the theft or breakage of his/her own material used on the stand or any damage caused to it during the fair.

Loading, unloading and parking: the organisers will provide a map indicating how to access the loading/unloading area along with the accreditations; only one vehicle per stand may access the area.

The material will arrive and be unloaded in the area reserved for the purpose, in accordance with the loading/unloading schedule agreed on with the space production staff. The vehicle must abandon the area immediately after unloading.

The areas may be recorded or streamed via a variety of media and channels. Participation in 948 Merkatua implies that the intellectual property rights generated by the festival are waived and that participants agree that the organisers may use images and audio of them for promotional, not-for-profit purposes to promote the event and/or the artists taking part.


The registration period ended on 30/09/2018.


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948 Merkatua – Navarra Arts Market.

Organized by

Gobierno de Navarra
Ayuntamiento de Pamplona


Obra Social La Caixa
Fundación Caja Navarra
Museo Jorge Oteiza
Euskarabidea - Instituto Navarro del Euskera
Instituto Vasco Etxepare
Région Nouveele-Aquitaine
Office Artistique Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine
Euskal Kultur Erakundea - Institut Culturel Basque
Gobierno Vasco
Gobierno de Aragón
Gobierno de La Rioja
Servicio Navarro de Empleo - Nafar Lansare
Centro de Arte Contemponáreo de Huarte
Museo Universidad de Navarra
Museo de Navarra
Filmoteca de Navarra
Escuela Navarra de Teatro
Escuela de Música Joaquín Maya
AECT Eurorregión Aquitania-Euskadi-Navarra
Universidad Pública de Navarra
Universidad de Navarra
Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED)
Enterprise Europe Network
Écrit cinéma livre audiovisuel
Réseau des indepéndants de la musique
Ayuntamiento de Bayona
Ayuntamiento de Bilbao
Azkuna Zentroa
Donostia San Sebastian
Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza
Ayuntamiento de Logroño
Consejo General Pirineos Atlánticos
Communauté d’Agglomération Pays Basque
Generalitat de Catalunya
Europa Creativa
FRAC Aquitaine
Pôle Culture Santé
Le Laba
ADENNA - Alianza de Diseñadores
Cámara Transfronteriza Bihartean
Instituto Cervantes - Burdeos
Institut Français - Bilbao
Hotel Tres Reyes
Hotel Maisonnave
Asociación de Hostelería de Navarra
Euskal Herriko Musika Bulego Elkartea
Fundación Baluarte