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What is 948 merkatua?

It is a winter fair. It is a fair of fairs. It is an international holistic fair.

The first ever edition will take place in Pamplona (Navarre), on 15 and 16 November 2017.

It is a fair of fairs, focusing on the film and audiovisual industries, the performing arts (theatre, dance, circus...), music, publishing of books, records and other media, the visual arts, and other creative and cultural industries (artistic prototypes, fashion, design, architecture, and new professions).

At this first edition in 2017 (Edition 0), 948 merkatua, Navarre's arts market, aims to showcase products from the professional sphere of Navarre culture to distributors and other agents from neighbouring regions and provinces (Aragon, Basque Country, La Rioja, and Aquitaine), as well as specialist agents from other territories and spheres (festivals, centres, artistic and creative organisations...).

In the medium term, after 2018, 948 merkatua strives to become an unmissable event and a strategic arts market in the Euro Region of the Basque Country-Navarre-Aquitaine and a facilitator of flows and exchanges of cultural products between countries and regions. And it will be open to cultural agents from Spain and France.

¿Why Merkatua?

Pamplona-Iruña and Navarra are strategically located in the South Atlantic area of Europe. There is no other market of the arts of these characteristics in which all of the fields of the arts and the creative and cultural industries, new talents and the new economies of creativity come together.  

This is the opportunity for Navarra and its creators to offer and receive our cultural proposals and become the platform of the large and small arts in the future.

It is a key region that combines the past and the present but following a rapid renewal, it is ready to reveal and receive musicians, editors, agents, managers, distributors, producers, exhibitors, actors and actresses, dancers and choreographers, entrepreneurs, architects, visual artists, designers, stage designers, printers, sound and lighting technicians, directors, restorers, politicians, institutional representatives, etc.

Navarra is at the forefront of the graphic industry. Today’s incentives for the film industry are the driving force of the Arts in this Community and there is an emerging musical movement that is also making its mark. 

948 Merkatua aims to present artistic and creative proposals using methods other than their mere exhibition and combine them all.

948 Merkatua has a clear economic dimension and for this reason it is a sustainable project in which all areas of the arts can coexist, collaborate and serve as a platform to be visible. 

The aims


The areas

948 merkatua, Navarre arts market, will be divided into the following areas:

  • Film and Television.
  • Performing Arts (Theatre, dance, circus)
  • Publishing of records, books, and other media.
  • Musics.
  • Visual arts.
  • Other creative and cultural industries (artistic prototypes, fashion, design, architecture and new professions, specialist media, new media, entertainment and shows...)

Creation in Basque will be managed transversally and incorporated into each area.
There will also be a talent space for the presentation of projects, ideas and artists.


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Organized by

Gobierno de Navarra
Ayuntamiento de Pamplona


Obra Social La Caixa
Fundación Caja Navarra
Museo Jorge Oteiza
Euskarabidea - Instituto Navarro del Euskera
Instituto Vasco Etxepare
Région Nouveele-Aquitaine
Office Artistique Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine
Euskal Kultur Erakundea - Institut Culturel Basque
Gobierno Vasco
Gobierno de Aragón
Gobierno de La Rioja
Servicio Navarro de Empleo - Nafar Lansare
Centro de Arte Contemponáreo de Huarte
Museo Universidad de Navarra
Museo de Navarra
Filmoteca de Navarra
Escuela Navarra de Teatro
Escuela de Música Joaquín Maya
AECT Eurorregión Aquitania-Euskadi-Navarra
Universidad Pública de Navarra
Universidad de Navarra
Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED)
Enterprise Europe Network
Écrit cinéma livre audiovisuel
Réseau des indepéndants de la musique
Ayuntamiento de Bayona
Ayuntamiento de Bilbao
Azkuna Zentroa
Donostia San Sebastian
Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza
Ayuntamiento de Logroño
Consejo General Pirineos Atlánticos
Communauté d’Agglomération Pays Basque
Generalitat de Catalunya
Europa Creativa
FRAC Aquitaine
Pôle Culture Santé
Le Laba
ADENNA - Alianza de Diseñadores
Cámara Transfronteriza Bihartean
Instituto Cervantes - Burdeos
Institut Français - Bilbao
Hotel Tres Reyes
Hotel Maisonnave
Asociación de Hostelería de Navarra
Euskal Herriko Musika Bulego Elkartea
Fundación Baluarte