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948 Merkatua Projects

Call for 948 Merkatua projects opens until 3rd August 2019

948 Merkatua, Navarra Arts Market and Professional Forum, gathers together in Pamplona, for a three day event, an extremely varied range of interdisciplinary professionals.

This third edition of 948 Merkatua focusses on creation and interdisciplinary content, on the understanding that, with regard to the cultural production of our times, interdisciplinary dialogue leads to some highly interesting creative and cultural innovations.

  • Within the framework of 948 Merkatua, we would like to launch a call to select interdisciplinary cultural projects. With this format, we are seeking to give visibility, support and assistance to those projects that are justifiably interdisciplinary and that are at a stage prior to project consolidation. A maximum of 20 projects will be selected, which will be given registration for two persons to attend 948 Merkatua, and these projects will be announced in the communication media. From the projects selected, 10 will be chosen for public presentation on the 22nd November in Baluarte, as part of 948 Merkatua PRO, thereby competing for the financial grants provided for in this call for proposals.

A maximum of 20 projects will be selected

From the projects selected, 10 will be chosen for public presentation on the 22nd November in Baluarte

What is it about?

Advice. The 20 projects selected will enter a round of short interviews by a panel of cultural management professionals appointed by the organisation. These professionals can be consulted about aspects relating to project implementation and they will provide information, give opinions, suggestions and contacts.

Public presentation. Of the 20 projects selection, up to 10 of the most innovative projects will be chosen, with the greatest potential for a public presentation within 948 PRO, open to all professionals registered at 948 Merkatua. The presentation is set to take place on Friday 22nd in the Chamber Hall at Baluarte. Each presentation will have a total duration of 10 minutes: 5 minutes to present the project and a 5 minute dialogue with the public. The presentations will be supported by the projection of 10 images.

The presentation is set to take place on Friday 22nd November 2019 in the Chamber Hall at Baluarte

Financial grants. The panel of professionals will select 3 winners from the 10 projects chosen for the public presentation, who will each be given a financial grant of 1,500€ based on the following categories:

  • Culture and economic sustainability. The most prominent interdisciplinary project with regard to employment and economic viability.
  • Culture and society. The interdisciplinary project that makes the greatest contribution to the development of social values.
  • Culture and innovation. The interdisciplinary project with the best proposal for innovation.

The amounts granted will be subject to any legally required tax withholdings.

Networking. The 20 participants selected will get free registration for two persons for 948 Merkatua, with the possibility of taking part in all the activities and taking advantage of the networking opportunity with the professionals attending.


  • Participants must register using a form that is available on the 948 Merkatua website, the closing date is 3rd August 2019. In this form, as well as their personal details, participants must submit a document in PDF format explaining their project, its objectives and a viability plan.
  • Natural and legal persons may take part, who can demonstrate their professional activity.
  • Registration may be made in either Spanish, Basque, French or English. Presentation will be made in Spanish or Basque. Depending on the nature of the projects, the possibility of making a presentation in French or English will be considered.

  • Those selected will be responsible for paying all their expenses for attending 948 Merkatua in Pamplona.

Selection of proposals

Once the applications received have been assessed to ensure compliance with requirements, the organisation will select those proposals that it considers to be justifiably more interdisciplinary, innovative, viable and of the greatest interest. For this purpose, it will gather a group of specialists who will individually value each of the projects.

The organisation may contact the pre-selected project representatives in order to complete the information and clarify any doubts, before deciding on the final selection.

Likewise, the organisation will offer the 10 presenters the possibility of support from a specialist in order to optimise the content and form of their public presentation at 948 PRO.

A group of specialists who will individually value each of the projects

Decision on applications

The organisation will inform applicants as to whether or not they have been successful, before 30th September 2019.

Information on the Public Presentation

The 10 projects selected to be presented in public during 948 PRO and with the option to win a financial grant, must submit their presentation to the organisation, including support materials, before 1st November 2019.


  • All the 20 projects selected will appear in the 948 Merkatua programme and will be disseminated from the time of selection, in both material and digital media.
  • The 10 projects chosen for public presentation will in turn enjoy greater visibility than the other projects selected.

Financial support

From the 10 projects chosen for the public presentation, a panel of judges comprising cultural management professionals will select and announce on the actual Friday 22nd November 2019 in Baluarte, Pamplona, the winners of the three financial grants for 1,500€, mentioned in this call for proposals for the implementation of the projects. The panel of judges will value the information received and that provided during the public presentation, in general terms: the interdisciplinary nature, the quality of the content and the level of viability; and specifically, for each category, the economic impact, the social impact and the degree of innovation.

The amounts granted are subject to any legally required withholding tax and will be paid into the account of the person or entity responsible for each of the 3 winning projects.


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