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948 Merkatua Projects

“Window on Creation in Navarre” & "Presentation of cultural projects"

In the 2019 edition there are two formats for project presentation: on Thursday 21st at 09:30 a session called “Window on Creation in Navarre” will be held in the Sala de Cámara in Baluarte, to present projects from Navarre that have national and international projection. On Friday 22nd at 11:00 Antonella Broglia will be present for "Presentation of cultural projects" as part of 948 PRO.


Antonella Broglia (Italy) has worked in the advertising  and marketing field for three decades, becoming CERO of Saatchi & Saatchi in Spain and a member of the European Board. She has worked as a consultant for the innovation think tank Infonomia and has organised the TEDxMadrid and TEDxYouth@Madrid conferences for 9 years. She is now senior ambassador of the TEDx programme, is also ambassador for Ashoka España and a social innovation expert on the programme “Para todos la 2” on Channel 2 of Spanish TV. She promotes platforms for cultural entrepreneurs and new management models for art and culture. She is an actress in “Theatre for the People” and a trainer in public speaking.


Presentation OF Cultural Projects

On 22nd November from 11:00 onwards the twelve finalists will present their projects in the Sala de Cámara in Baluarte. Each presentation will be made by projecting 10 images with a total duration of 10 minutes: 5 minutes’ presentation and 5 minutes for a Q&A with the audience.

The jury will consider the interdisciplinary nature, the quality of the content and the level of viability of the projects and, specifically for each category, the economic and social impact and the degree of innovation.

One project per category will be selected, and the 3 winners will each receive grants of €1,500, according to the following categories:

  • Culture and financial sustainability: to the interdisciplinary project that most stands out for its financial viability and potential for creating jobs.
  • Culture and society: to the interdisciplinary project that makes the greatest contribution in the development of social values.
  • Culture and innovation: to the interdisciplinary project with the best approach in terms of innovation.


  • Marisol Martínez, Head of Section of Artistic Programmes and Dissemination of the Department of Culture and Sport (Government of Navarre).
  • Carlos Almela, Head of the “Arte Ciudadano España” programme of Fundación Carasso.
  • Karlos G. Liberal, Head of Bikolabs - Biko’s speculation laboratory. 
  • Pepa Octavio de Toledo is the Head of Sponsorship and Patronage of the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum.
  • Sergio Pérez García, of the Universidad de Navarra and the representative of Enterprise Europe Network in Pamplona.


  • Antonella Broglia.  TED ambassador and representative of Fundación Ashoka in Spain.

Window on Creation In Navarra

The presentation of singular artistic projects with potential for projection outside the Region of Navarra by creators included in the Register of Artists of the Government of Navarra.


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