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Álvaro Gil Soldevilla

Citadel - Sala de Armas
Wednesday, 21 November 2018 - -

Alvaro Gil, (Corella 1986), graduate in Fine Arts from the University of the Basque Country where he began painting still lives in oil paint and where he ended up developing research about tuning.


SUPPLY CHAIN. Pieces that are the same as each other both morphologically and structurally, but that differ in terms of finish, just in the final layer, which in turn is the first thing we discover in each piece, and in the filling which goes beyond the pieces, in another reference to the personalisation process of modern industrial processes.

LA MÁQUINA DE PUNTO CERO. A project that studies the possibility of generating energy using magnetic forces. Illustrated plastically, this new technology seeks to give humans infinite and cyclic energy.

MOBILIARIO MENTAL. A project that aims to introduce the viewer into the constructive process of a design object with an “arty touch”.

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