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Between tradition and modernity.

Auditorio Barañain
Wednesday, 21 November 2018 - 11:30

Jean Louis Iratzoki and Ander Lizaso Iratzoki Design


Iratzoki & Lizaso is an industrial design studio created in the Basque Country in 2016 by Jean Louis Iratzoki and Ander Lizaso. Their work covers a number of sectors: home and office furniture, textiles, lighting, ephemeral architecture and accessories. They also carry out the art direction for some brands. Their work gives rise to parts with a certain affectionate nature, designed with the intention of them lasting over time.


The Iratzoki & Lizaso studio works on both sides of the French-Spanish border, working with large and small companies to assist them through design and within a brand strategy. They emphasise the importance of thinking in business terms and on the basis of a certain set of values.

In the talk they will present specific cases in which their approach has varied depending on the company’s situation, from an artisanal workshop to start series production based on changing from a traditional approach to a contemporary one, and other cases in which the recent financial crisis led to ingenious solutions through cooperation.

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