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Elvira Palazuelos Blanco

Citadel - Sala de Armas
Wednesday, 21 November 2018 - -


  • FUENSANTA. The ruins of the old Gayangos spa are now deteriorating, a metaphorical scar that hides part of the history of the people and the treatment of illnesses and death during the Spanish Civil War. The project emerged as a result of a family memory, and it sets out to recover a gaze on a forgotten landscape and to highlight memory. It consists of an intervention on the land, a video with testimonies, a fanzine of drawings and two texts.
  • HISTORY/SORRY/WISDOM. The Residential Schools were active in Canada between 1880 and 1996. They were used to intern indigenous boys and girls under a policy of cultural assimilation that was isolating, denigrating and abusive. A stay in Edmonton triggered this project. 
  • SITES IN BETWEEN. Starting from some common features in her work such as “space”, “line”, “time”, “lapse”, and “intermediate places”, the artist explores areas of transit and turns them into surfaces to be experienced visually and corporally. It includes two installations and a series of drawings to be visualised with 3D goggles.

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