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Iosu Zapata Osés

Citadel - Sala de Armas
Wednesday, 21 November 2018 - -


  • LA CHABOLA NÓMADA, built on the shell of an old car with remains of items found in the garbage, is a compartment that the artist Iosu Zapata has converted into a mobile mini-gallery. This installation is being carried out in Mexico City with the aim that Mexican artists will come on board and intervene in the project. 
  • LA CHABOLA JARDÍN is a refuge for diversity. Built from waste materials (doors, boards, windows, etc..) and an earth roof, it proposes a reflection on the presence of nature in the urban and architectural environment.
  • BIORRÍTMICAS focuses on the relationship between nature and technology. What are the sounds produced by the different biological rhythms that surround us? Are we invaders, or invaded by the culture of throwing away electronic waste?  An exercise of apparently contrary relationships (painting-new technologies, nature-pollution, analogue-digital) that nevertheless find a common link.

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