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Kamal. Mapping of artistic stakeholders in Navarra.

Baluarte Congress Centre and Auditorium of Navarra
Wednesday, 21 November 2018 - 12:00

Paula Carralero, Federico Foderaro et Max Stein


Paula Carralero Bierzynska (Berlin) a visual artist with projects on urban planning and new technologies, has worked in the Eastern Bloc gallery in Montreal.
Max Stein (Los Angeles) is a sound and new media artist, with mapping projects in Montreal, Belfast, Stockholm...
Federico Foderaro (Berlin) is a new media artist with projects visualising data in festivals such as Mutek.


Kamal is an Arabic word that means equilibrium’ and an ancient mapping device that guided navigators. Like the Kamal, this mapping project sets out to provide orientation on the art scene in Navarra and its cultural stakeholders and offer a panoramic visit to a vast and diverse territory. Kamal aims to create a reference point for research that transforms itself over time to document the heterogeneity and the changes in the contemporary art fabric of Navarra, avoiding clichés and stereotypes.

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Organized by

Gobierno de Navarra