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María Jiménez Moreno

Citadel - Sala de Armas
Wednesday, 21 November 2018 - -


  • OBJETUARIO. A graphic project based on the use of traditional analytical illustration applied to several of the artist's own sculptures. The highly-detailed drawing seems to be coded by crochet diagrams that allow the viewer to visualise the formal structure of the works and their textile origin.
  • LANZAROTE. CUADERNO DE VIAJE. Based on a travel notebook, this project consists of two parts that contrast but work on the same concept: the representation of crochet, one from the theoretical, more abstract angle, and the other from practice, through realist images of the island.
  • EPOCA DE CRÍA. It includes a series of works on maternity and its complexity, based on experience. Alas y Nidos approach the subject of the gestation and preparation required at each moment, and Tela de Araña starts from the work Maman de Louise Bourgeois and reflects on the ambivalence of parenting.

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