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Txaro Fontalba

Citadel - Sala de Armas
Wednesday, 21 November 2018 - -


  • DESLENGUADAS. "Defamiliarization" around common uses of language with new processes and new meanings, among them stuttering. Losing language in the dual sense of silencing, keeping quiet, not being able to speak or use public spaces, saying inappropriate things, displacing words, taking them outside their themes.
  • EL LIBRO DE LAS TRINCHERAS. The trench as an emotional landscape and drawing as a way of erasing. Erasure as a place of opacity, obstacle, something that interrupts and breaks the transparency of objects and the excess of images of happiness and harmony that the consumer networks and society show. Narrations of happiness into which violence makes an entrance.
  • LA VIDA ES DORADA. A series of drawings that are part of a wider project called “Mercagonías” (market of anguish). Naming the market is giving a name to our living environment, our biological, psychological and mythical space. Money is the modern-day god, and the only law that prevails is that of the economy. We are constantly going round in circles in the consumer market, even at moments of greatest intimacy.


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