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Workshop 1: Specific uses and possibilities for the evaluation of programmes and projects

Baluarte Congress Centre and Auditorium of Navarra
Wednesday, 21 November 2018 - 10:00

Juan Andrés Ligero

Aimed at persons with management responsibilities, technical staff who carry out interventions or members of the general public interested in designing better interventions and more democratic and rational policies.

Juan Andrés Ligero. A sociologist, he is currently a professor at Universidad Carlos III, Universidad Complutense and co-director of the Masters in Evaluation of Programmes and Public Policies at the Universidad Complutense (16th promotion). He is a specialist in the area of social intervention, health, education and development. He is a member at large of the Spanish Council on Drug Dependence and other Addictions. He has won awards for his work as an assessor and has published articles on social evaluation and research methodologies.

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Gobierno de Navarra