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MÉCA Architectural innovation at the service of cultural hybridisation

948 PRO - Conferences
Baluarte Congress Centre and Auditorium of Navarra

Thursday, 22 November 2018 - 11:00


Elisabeth Douzille. After a Master’s in Cultural Management and Media Studies at Sciences-po Paris, Elisabeth Douzille has oriented her career towards territorial civil service. She is now Secretary-General of the Education and Citizenship hub of the region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine and heads the MÉCA (Creative economy and culture centre of Nouvelle-Aquitaine) project.


Ten years ago, when Alain Rousset, President of the region of Aquitaine, expressed his desire to bring together the three regional structures dedicated to artistic creation (plastic arts, live spectacles, books, cinema and audiovisual) with the same building, he already had an intuition that this would trigger a synergy of multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary projects.

Thanks to its audacious and innovative propositions, the Danish architecture studio BIG is in line with the spirit of Mr Rousset’s intuition, and has enabled the future MÉCA to foster this creative hybridization while maintaining the singular nature of its occupants. With its 120-metre-long and 37-metre-high arch, the MÉCA has been conceived as a loop linking the cultural institutions together, and also with the public space.

The talk will explore the future exterior and interior spaces of the MÉCA from this prism of creative hybridization.

Elisabeth Douzille - MÉCA, Bordeaux


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