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Txuspo Poyo

Citadel - Sala de Armas
Thursday, 22 November 2018 - 18:30

Since the 1990s, Txuspo Poyo has followed a certain procedural methodology, with a strong sense of editing, to trace juxtaposed stories based on research into, and an analysis of, certain generational events in hybrid crossovers. All his proposition have generated stories whose tension lies in crossed images, plots where historical and inconclusive remnants come together, as well as fragments of both collective and individual cultural imagination captured from history, the cinema, architecture and science-fiction literature. His works inspire a re-reading of modes and models of production and representation.


The tunnel is a deep hole within the story, the inside of a belly empty of organs, a cave, a dark abyss, a wound, but also the door that leads us to the unknown and an entrance where we can go forward from, despite the warning.

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