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948 Merkatua, Arts Market of Navarra and Professional Forum is a strategic not-to-be-missed event to showcase cultural and artistic products, exchange ideas and exhibit innovative proposals. This project is led and financed by the Government of Navarra.

For this edition, 948 Merkatua has been revamped, seeking uniqueness with a focus on interdisciplinarity and hybridisation, to become a meeting place for artists and cultural professionals, based on interdisciplinarity.

In this way, 948 Merkatua is moving forward to position itself in the sector as a unique event, focussed on new creations and hybrid proposals. As opposed to sectoral markets, 948 Merkatua will offer quality, innovation and contemporary languages, while it will also be a professional and dynamic forum for training content and networking, a forum in which there is a place for all creative and artistic disciplines.

948 Merkatua will have an attractive ART and PRO programme, one that is unique, powerful and in line with the new artistic and strategic focus, directed at being a cultural landmark in the south of Europe, a 3-day niche event that brings together high-level cultural professionals: culture managers, programmers, artists and institutions. The common link for the proposals exhibited in this edition will be the merging of different disciplines that lead to hybrid projects, the main criterion in the selection of the works.

In the professional area, 948 PRO is redefining activities in order to ensure that the professionals attending and taking part in the forum enjoy a more effective and formative experience, structuring the forum around lectures, debates and the presentation of projects. Training, networking and B2B will also be essential instruments for the purpose of creating business synergies. Baluarte will continue to be the hub for the programme for professionals.

For its part, the 948 ART Programme will be selected through an Artistic Committee and will be focussed on the exhibition of hybrid and interdisciplinary proposals. In this edition, there will be fewer exhibition spaces and these will be centred around the Baluarte, to make attendance easier for professionals and the general public alike.

The dates selected for holding 948 Merkatua 2019 are 20th, 21st and 22nd November. The first two days will focus on conferences and the exhibition of works, while Friday 22nd of November will be dedicated to workshops, a thematic seminar and the presentation of projects. For its part, there will be forms of stands and presentations in the area of stands.

The new edition of 948 Merkatua will no longer be organised by disciplines, instead its uniqueness and artistic definition will be focussed on hybrid or interdisciplinary projects:

  • The selection of the works to be included in the exhibition will be made by an artistic committee that is non-sectoral (in other words, it will not be made by disciplines).
  • The artistic selection process will be made by an open platform and also at the proposal of the committee.
  • The artistic proposals selected will be based on the following percentages, according to origin: 50% Navarra, 30% national and 20% international; expenses will be paid for all artistic proposals selected.
  • Unlike previous editions, there will be no exhibition of mono-disciplinary proposals.
  • Moreover, there will be a reduction in the number of proposals and programme spaces (there will be between 15 to 20 exhibitions in two days, on the 21st and 22nd November), making the Baluarte the hub of the exhibition in order to facilitate the viewing of the works by the professionals attending and the general public, for maximum impact. Therefore, unlike previous editions, there will be no correspondence between places and disciplines, and all the places that finally take part in 948 Merkatua will exhibit interdisciplinary proposals.
  • There will also a reduction in the number of conferences, up to a total of 21 and, to facilitate attendance, these will be concentrated in the first two days of 948 Merkatua: Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st of November. The central theme will be a multidisciplinary content.
  • Both days will start with the programming of a debate.
  • Friday will be dedicated to workshops, project presentations and a thematic seminar.
  • There is a change in approach with regard to the presentation of projects, with a coaching process and guided assessment led by Antonella Broglia, the organiser of TEDxMadrid and public speaking instructor. Furthermore, the projects will be entered in a contest in which prizes will be awarded.
  • The stands area will have new forms of stands and presentations.

To date, 948 Merkatua has achieved its first great objective: to secure its position as a benchmark event for all artistic disciplines in the area of culture, winning the recognition of institutions, artists and professionals. 948 Merkatua has created a link between artists and professionals and this idea now needs to be taken still further towards a model that is unique in Europe, in order to continue developing the market.

Interdisciplinary projects are increasingly more frequent in the creative fabric, yet there are very few spaces solely dedicated to their dissemination. For this reason, the Department of Culture of the Government of Navarra wishes to make 948 Merkatua one of the principal showcases for these creations. Thanks to the multidisciplinary origins of 948 Merkatua, the change from multidisciplinary to interdisciplinary is a logical step forward.

948 Merkatua is seeking to build a unique identity, one that sets it apart from existing proposals, to catch the attention of professionals, to attract an important part of the very latest talent and creativity and to connect with innovation and creation.

The focusing of 948 Merkatua on hybridisation and the crossing of disciplines will make it possible to promote the quality of the artistic and professional programmes alike. The higher the quality offered, the greater the capacity to attract professionals of interest, and this will then drive the culture sector in Navarra and create an effective network of international contacts at a professional level.

In order to participate in the 948 Merkatua artistic programme you need to register a hybrid, multidisciplinary proposal and be selected by the Artistic Committee responsible for making up the programme.

The proposals must meet the following requirements:

  • Regardless of the predominant language, the artistic proposal must justifiably be interdisciplinary. That is, the use of different artistic disciplines/languages must lie in the formal definition and/or the content of the proposal.
  • The proposals must be from professional creators or artists with the capacity to be contracted.
  • Be available on the 20th and 21st November 2019.
  • Refer to work already performed and at the dissemination and/or marketing stage.
  • Agree to all the participation requirements, processes and conditions specified in this call for proposals.

Proposals can originate from Navarra, the rest of Spain or abroad, and their origin must be specified in the registration. Proposals originating from Navarra will be given a predominant space in the programme.

Firstly, the proposal needs to be registered on a platform operating on website between Monday 17th June and Friday 28th June (inclusive), the period in which the call for proposals will remain open.

Once registration is closed, the technical personnel of 948 Merkatua will review all entries in order to verify the proposals and build a database from all of them. Incomplete entries will not be registered or taken into account.

The Artistic Committee responsible for preparing the ART 2019 artistic programme for 948 Merkatua will study the proposals submitted, as well as other sources of information such as the record of proposals from previous editions of 948 Merkatua or proposals submitted to other grant schemes organised by the Regional Ministry of Culture for the financial year of 2019. Likewise, the Artistic Committee itself may propose the participation of creations that it may consider to be of interest.

The artistic programme of 948 Merkatua will be announced, at the latest, before 31st September 2019 and all the participants in the present call for proposals will be notified.

The selection of the works to be included in the exhibition will be made by an artistic committee that is non-sectoral. In other words, it will not be made by disciplines and the members of the committee are professionals of recognised prestige and extensive multidisciplinary experience.

On this occasion, there will be no exhibitions of single discipline work, however artists, managers and other cultural agents can register for 948 Merkatua and take part in all the opportunities for training, networking and meetings organised at the PRO.

For this 2019 edition, the rules for the presentation of projects at 948 Merkatua have changed. Following the registration of any projects that candidates wish to present, twenty of these projects will be selected. The projects must be clearly multidisciplinary and they will become part of a coaching process headed by expert Antonella Broglia, ambassador of Ashoka Spain and TEDxMadrid Conferences.

The presentation of the ten projects will be made in Baluarte on Friday 22nd November, driven by Antonella Broglia, before a panel of judges who are responsible for assessing the presentations and granting the prizes which, for the first time, will be given to the best project presentations.

948 Merkatua will pay the expenses relating to the exhibition of the works included in the 948 ART programme. All the proposals selected and programmed will be classified into programme slots, which will be allocated certain amounts of money in concept of help for the production/exhibition. 

These amounts per slot will be set by the Artistic Committee and Department of Culture of the Government of Navarra, based on the final configuration of the programme, and will be communicated to all the proposals selected to participate in the programme, before confirming their participation.

The organisation of 948 Merkatua will also be responsible for the travelling and accommodation costs of the artistic and technical personnel of the artistic proposals. Likewise, accreditation will be provided and access to 948 Merkatua PRO for up to two persons per proposal. 

Please note that 948 Merkatua is a tool to support the dissemination and marketing of artists and works, and is not a festival. Therefore, there are no performances but displays and exhibitions of works for a professional audience for the purpose of creating purchase or commissioning possibilities.

The Artistic Committee will review the works submitted in previous editions in order to determine which ones are interdisciplinary and meet the participation criteria for the 2019 edition. These works will be assessed by the Committee and, if selected, will be invited to take part.

The programme will be designed starting from:

You can register for 948 Merkatua Pro through website:

Your accreditation as a professional will give you free access to:

  • The opening ceremony.
  • Special 948 Merkatua rates for accommodation and transport.
  • Baluarte Pro: Talks and conferences, stands area, presentations and networking area.
  • Exhibition and performances at the Navarra School of Drama, Baluarte, Sala Zentral, Teatro Gayarre theatre (subject to booking and seating availability).
  • Catalogue of artistic and creative proposals.
  • The rate varies according to the registration date. If you are definitely going to attend, we would urge you to register as soon as possible:
    • Promotional rate for the three days of the fair, available until September 1st: 45 €
    • Promotional rate for the three days of the fair, from 23rd October onwards: €90

The registration deadline is 20th November 2019, for any queries you may have with regard to this, please contact:


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