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Film and Television

Navarra Film Library
November 15th and 16th



  • Día 15: Desde las 16:00 hasta las 21:15. (hora en la que empieza la última película).
  • Día 16: Desde las 16:00 hasta las 20:30 ( hora en la que empieza la última película).

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Cuestión de Suerte

Cuestión de Suerte

[ Axier González ]

This short film examines human nature and its relationship with money. It tells the story of Pablo, a street cleaner with no great pretensions in life, who finds a wallet with a lottery ticket either by fate or by chance.



[ Nerea Mariezkurrena ]

A woman’s life circumstances lead her to make a decision. Once made, she will experience pain, feat, freedom...

Sarasate, el rey del violín

Sarasate, el rey del violín

[ Joaquín Calderón ]

The visit to the tomb of the Polish violinist, Henryk Wieniawski, friend and peer of Sarasate, marks the future of Anna Radomska, a girl who becomes a violinist and forms part of the Navarra Symphonic Orchestra. Her curiosity leads her to carry out research   into Sarasate, the best paid musician of all times.

Siete días con Alberto Corazón

Siete días con Alberto Corazón

[ Pablo Iraburu ]

Documentary that portrays a fascinating character up-close-and-personally. Alberto Corazón is not only the face that hides behind many of the designs that built our subconscious image of Spain, but is also a versatile creator who relishes life in all its facets.



[ Pablo Iraburu / Iñaki Alforja ]

Oskara is a documentary film that emerges from the meeting between Marcos Morau, an innovative Catalonian choreographer, and Kukai, a dance group with Basque folklore roots.  Together, they create a show of enormous beauty. The creative process and the final result address an issue of universal interest: Who am I? What is my identity? Through dance, tradition and freedom, land and language, creation, history and future are addressed.

Nidos Desnudos

Nidos Desnudos

[ Virginia Senosiain / Juan Luis Napal ]

This documentary by Virginia Senosiain and Juan Luis Napal aims to raise awareness of the sad reality of male violence, an authentic social evil. The testimony of a victim of male violence accompanied by the declarations of professionals that work with this problem are shown and illustrated by performance and dance scenes that show the harshness of this reality. This documentary is rounded off with the voices of ordinary people of all ages, places and genres who offer their point of view on this issue.  

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Mami, ¡ya sé dónde está el dinero!

Mami, ¡ya sé dónde está el dinero!

[ Arturo Cisneros ]

When a mother asks, an answer has to be found no matter what.  Under pressure from the economic crisis, without work, without money, without upcoming projects and faced with the inability to meet mortgage payments, the main character leaves his house in the city and returns to his parents’ home.  His mother does not understand what is happening and asks for answers, which he is forced to find, even though he has to travel halfway round the world to do so.

Hijos de la Tierra

Hijos de la Tierra

[ Alex O'Mill / Patxi Uriz ]

Children of the Earth is the testimony of people related to nature who open their hearts to convey the wisdom of Mother Earth to mankind. This documentary aims to serve as a   means of transmitting this wise knowledge and to raise the spectator’s awareness of what being a Child of the Earth means. Materialism and stress take us away from nature. We have turned our backs on it without realising that we are being fiercely exploited. This documentary advocates that the great challenge is being able to think about the common good once more, the Earth, our biggest life provider.  



[ Julio Mazarico ]

A secondary school is a constant source of all kinds of conflict: bullying, crime, violence, drugs. Martín and Lorena are normal students at a normal school in a normal provincial city. However, they are also something else although nobody should find out.

District Zero

District Zero

[ Jorge Fernández Mayoral / Pablo Tosco / Pablo Iraburu ]

What is hidden inside the telephone of a refugee?  His /her memories, memory, identity, contacts with the world from which he/she has had to flee. This film tells of the daily life of a tiny shop that repairs mobile phones in one of the world’s largest refugee camps.  



[ Migueltxo Molina / Pablo Iraburu / Igor Otxoa ]

A group of archaeologists arrive in United States. They are looking for remains of a possible co-existence between Basque whalers and Native Americans. This expedition may change the history of the most powerful nation on Earth. If they discover that another world was possible, they will show that another world will be possible.


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