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948 Merkatua - the Arts market of Navarra - extends its duration and the number of partners in its second edition

948 Merkatua - the Arts market of Navarra - extends its duration and the number of partners in its second edition
Monday, 8 October 2018

The second edition of 948 Merkatua, the Arts market of Navarra, which will take place in Pamplona on 21, 22 and 23 November, has added an extra day and has consolidated and increased its range of partners. This morning, Regional Minister for Culture, Sport and Youth Ana Herrera presented the fair together with the Director-General of Culture, Dori López Jurio, the Director of the Cultural Action Service, Carmen Oroz Iribarren and the councillor with responsibilities for Culture and Education in Pamplona City Council, Maider Beloki.

This new edition of 948 Merkatua has programmed more than 60 artistic propositions from different disciplines, the aim being to create synergies that will enable professional and economic progress and consolidation. For the second year running, more than 1,000 professionals from the cultural and creative industries are expected to attend, with a programme that includes over 180 propositions among talks, workshops, exhibitions, debates, presentations, stands, etc. The gender perspective, intellectual property, internationalisation, design and the professionalisation of the sector will be key themes in this edition.

Organised by the Directorate-General of Culture of Navarra, the aim is to convert this ‘fair of fairs’ into a reference event to showcase cultural and artistic products, exchange knowledge and present innovative propositions, as well as promoting the arts throughout the Euro-region consisting of Navarra, Nouvelle Aquitaine and the Basque Country, and other neighbouring regions such as Aragon and La Rioja. 

Basque Country and Nouvelle Aquitaine, guest territories in 2018

The 2018 edition includes -as guest territories- the other areas in our Euro-region: the Basque Country and Nouvelle Aquitaine, which are participating in the artistic content and propositions. This will strengthen the positioning of 948 Merkatua as the reference platform in the design and promotion of any cross-border cooperation project. 

In line with this desire to broaden areas of cooperation, and as a further novelty in this edition, we have invited institutional representatives from other Euro-regions as well as from other parts of Europe and the world. The following have confirmed their attendance at the 2018 edition: the Government of Aragon and the Euro-region of Pyrénées-Méditerranée (Catalonia, the Balearic Islands, the former region of Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrénées). The idea is to set up the fair not only as a space for emission, but also a place to welcome propositions so that attending delegations can get to know the force and creation of arts in Navarra first hand, and so that participating professionals can learn about the cultural reality of other regions and territories.


Baluarte will continue to be the nerve centre in the mornings for art, culture and creative professionals, while eight venues will host the programme in the afternoons. 

Furthermore, in synergy with 948 Merkatua, the second edition of the Book, Disc and Other Formats publishing fair will be held, this year in the Paseo de Sarasate. It is organised by the Publishers’ Association of Navarra together with the Directorate-General of Culture and Pamplona City Council. 

The venues for the artistic exhibition are: 
-Baluarte – Congress Centre and Auditorium of Navarra: 948 PRO, artistic exhibition of music and dramatic arts. 
-Escuela Navarra de Teatro, ENT / NAE: Dramatic arts.
-Civivox Iturrama: Dramatic arts
-Civivox Condestable and streets of Pamplona: Dramatic arts and music.
-Zentral: Music.
-Sala Indara: Music.
-Escuela de Música Joaquín Maya: Music.
-Filmoteca de Navarra: Cinema & TV.
-Ciudadela - Sala de Armas: Plastic arts.

Other centres participating in 948 Merkatua are: 

-Museo de Navarra
-Museo Universidad de Navarra
-Fundación Museo Jorge Oteiza
-Contemporary Art Centre, Huarte

Aimed at professionals, artists and the general public

948 Merkatua consists of two blocks of programmed activities:

●    PRO. Covers all activities aimed at professionals, held in Baluarte every morning. Includes stands, talks, workshops, presentation of projects etc…

●    ARTISTIC. Brings together all the artistic programme that takes place at different venues in the city. Most of these are also open to the general public, not just to professionals.

Process and partnerships

In this second edition of 948 Merkatua, Pamplona City Council once again has a special role. 

Other partners are the Foundations of Caja Navarra and Caixabank, the Employment Service of Navarra, Euskarabidea, Instituto Etxepare, Euro-region, Nouvelle Aquitaine, OARA, Institut culturel Basque, Gobierno Vasco, Gobierno de Aragón, Gobierno de la Rioja, Museo Oteiza, Contemporary Art Centre of Huarte, Museo Universidad de Navarra, Museo de Navarra, Film Library of Navarra, Civivox Iturrama, Escuela Navarra de Teatro, Escuela Joaquín Maya, Indara, Zentral, Condestable, Universidad Pública de Navarra, Universidad de Navarra, UNED, Europe enterprise network, ALCA, RIM, City Council of Bayonne, City Council of Bilbao, Azkuna Zentroa, City Council of San Sebastian, City Council of Zaragoza, City Council of Logroño, Département Pyrenées- Atlantiques, Generalitat de Catalunya, Europa creativa, and, once again, NICDO and Fundación Baluarte.
For this second edition we have continued to highlight professionals of programming, distribution and management of cultural propositions in Navarra, and meetings have been held again with cultural stakeholders from Nouvelle Aquitaine, Euskadi, La Rioja, Aragon, Catalonia and Madrid, among others.

948 Merkatua programme

The fair will have two main sections: in the morning, Baluarte PRO, and in the afternoons/evenings, exhibitions of artistic propositions from Navarra and guest territories. These will take place in different places and venues in Pamplona, both public and private, that drive the city’s cultural activity all year round.


During the mornings of Wednesday 21, Thursday 22 and Friday 23 November (from 09:00-15:00) activities will take place in Baluarte, which will welcome over 1,000 professionals and be the meeting point and place for dialogue between different cultural policies. 

Baluarte PRO 948 Merkatua will have the following areas: 
o    A short inaugural debate, to explain the conceptual framework of all the activities aimed at professionals. 

o    Stands of entities and projects of other creative and cultural industries. 29 stands to present cultural policies, cultural tourism, design, management, prototypes, etc.

o    Work areas, speed-dating and networking. Areas to facilitate and host inter-professional meetings and work.

o    Institutional and professional meetings on projects from the Euro-region, sectoral organisations, etc.

o    Up to 48 short talks. These talks (duration 20 minutes) present a specific theme worked on by cultural and creative industries, plus 10 minutes for a Q&A session with the audience.

o    Up to 32 presentations of artistic projects. These short presentations have a duration of 15 minutes and are dynamic and commercial.

o    1 thematic seminar. With this format, the aim to provide a space to go into greater detail on some ideas of a general nature. In this edition, the seminar will be on intellectual property. 

o    4 workshops. A format to go into detail on practical or pedagogic aspects related to creative and cultural industries.

o    948 Merkatua professional app. This app (only available to accredited individuals/entities) can be used to arrange meetings, get to know the professional profile of other attendees at the fair, create professional trajectories and obtain all the information you need to get the best out of the event.

o    Whispering. Interpreters (English/French) to facilitate communication between professionals.
o    Press zone

Artistic programme and publishing

In its 2018 edition, 948 Merkatua will have a selection of artists, creators and work from different artistic and creative disciplines, selected by professional artistic committees where propositions made from the Basque Country and Nouvelle Aquitaine – as guest territories – will also be showcased.

Exhibitions will take place in the afternoons/evenings of Wednesday 21, Thursday 22 and Friday 23 November. More than 60 have been programmed: around 30 music projects in the Escuela Municipal de Música Joaquín Maya, Sala Indara, Sala Zentral, Civivox Condestable and streets in Pamplona; 10 of dramatic arts in Civivox Iturrama, Escuela Navarra de Teatro and streets of the city; 10 of Cinema & TV in the Filmoteca de Navarra and 16 of plastic arts in Ciudadela.

The plastic arts programme will also include guided visits to the Museo de Navarra, Museo Oteiza and the Museo Universidad de Navarra. The aim is to attract the greatest possible number of professionals and generate an encounter among plastic and visual artists, gallery owners, curators, collectors and professionals linked to museums and art centres.

Furthermore, the 2nd Book, Disc and Other Formats Publishing Fair will once more tie in with 948 Merkatua. It will open on 20 November and stay open until Sunday 25. It will be located in Paseo de Sarasate, with a programme that combines activities for young children and presentation of books and musical pieces.

Tickets and accreditation

Access to the PRO area in Baluarte will be via accreditation. The other spaces, open to the general public, will be subject to invitations, except for the Filmoteca, where a nominal price of 1 euro will be charged.

Accreditations for professionals and artists and press can be requested until 12 November on the fair website: Accredited persons may access the professional area of the fair and all the programmed exhibitions.

Presentation of the artistic programme and edition of 948 Merkatua 2018

Presentation of the professional programme of 948 Merkatua PRO 


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Ayuntamiento de Pamplona
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