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Over 80 proposals comprise the 948 Merkatua PRO programme, the Navarre Arts Market

Over 80 proposals comprise the 948 Merkatua PRO programme, the Navarre Arts Market
Friday, 26 October 2018

From 21st to 23rd November, Baluarte is set to host proposals designed for professionals, with 29 stands run by cultural and creative industries as well as 70 artistic exhibitions.

Baluarte, the Pamplona-based Conference Centre and Auditorium, is set to host the second edition of 948 Merkatua for professionals, the Navarre Arts Market. On 21st, 22nd and 23rd November, between 9:00 and 15:00, it will be a hub for dialogue between the different fields. Baluarte will become a space for training and information, a place to forge synergies and to develop projects based on exchange and innovation.

The Baluarte hall will host 29 stands run by entities and cultural and creative industry projects, for displaying cultural policies, cultural management and tourism, design, theatre companies, stage spaces, producers, artistic agents and artistic training entities. Some attendees include: Betvan, Cía Mago Hodei Magoa, Creanavarra Centro Superior de Diseño, Elén Kalintchenko Taller Creativo, Festival Flamenco On Fire, Gorakiproducción Kultural, Infoticketing, Navarcadabra magia & comunicación S.L., NAPAR. Navarre Association of Producers and Audiovisual Professionals, Navarre Theatre Network - Nafarroako Antzoki Sarea, Similarte Estudio, TDIFERENCIA, S.COOP., EGTC Euroregion Aquitaine-Basque Country-Navarre and the Government of La Rioja.

Networking spaces will also be provided in the Baluarte for holding meetings, to facilitate and accommodate meetings and interprofessional work. Professionals wishing to participate can sign up on the 948 Merkatua website and make appointments with other professionals visiting the fair using a digital appointment management app. Participants will also have the support of a strong team of professionals who will help out during the fair.

This multifaceted fair includes workshops. conferences, debates, presentations of artistic projects and institutional meetings.

Organised in collaboration with the Navarre Employment and Training Service, the workshops will be given by experts and will focus on learning and participating in current issues, such as the specific use and possibilities of assessing programmes and projects; communicating culture today to connect with society; how to squeeze out creativity to achieve (at least) one idea each day; or how to successfully face an integral internationalisation strategy. They will be given by Juan Andrés Ligero, Pilar Gonzalo, César Oroz and Marcos G. Alonso. They will take place in the Baluarte Press Room. Anyone wishing to participate in the workshops must sign up beforehand on the website

The conference programme will include over 40 sessions, analysing practices and experiences. These 30-minute conferences will run in parallel every morning, led by expert professionals. A translation service will be provided. They will be grouped into four themed itineraries, such as design and creativity; the Euroregion as a work setting; professionalisation; the reality of the cultural and creative industries; and Navarre in relation with surrounding regions and the potential of shared markets.

The sessions will also cover issues such as the reality of the cultural industries; the gender perspective; intellectual property; internationalisation; design or sector professionalisation.

The speakers are outstanding professionals in cultural management, audiovisuals, performing arts, cultural policies, publishing, graphic industries, the internationalisation of CCIs, music and cultural policies. Adriana Moscoso, Anna Villarroya, Barbara Stacher, Vicent Fibla - Eufonic, Jean Louis Iratzoki, Ander Lizaso, Paula Carralero, Federico Foderaro, Max Stein, Fernando Sáenz de Ugarte, Emmanuelle Schmitt, Elisabeth Pérez, Susana Irigaray, Javier Vidorreta, Pantxoa Etchegoin, Imanol Otaegi, Barbara Stacher, François Maton, Barbara Ros, Daniel Castillejo, Enrique Martínez, Amaia Remírez, Alvaro, Pep Pla, Idoia Zabaleta, Benito Burgos, Xavier Bernard, Eva Lapuente, Gerardo La Huerta, Pau Raussell, Ainara Legardón, Manuel J. González, Élodie Goux, Mónica Yoldi, Guillermo Penso, Jean Luc Mirebeau, Joaquim Llansó, Xabier González, Borja Álvarez, Benicio Aguerrea, Jorge Campanillas, Luis Arrieta, Frédéric Vilcocq from Bordeaux, who will give the MÉCA conference - Architectonic innovation at the service of cultural hybridation service,  Myriam Miranda and Amaia Ispizua from San Sebastian, who will talk about Musika Bulegoa, backing initiatives that encourage equality in the music industry, and Laxmi Nazabal and Lucas Debajo from the Muka Design Lab, Bilbao, who will give the conference From Slow Design to digital manufacturing.

948 Merkatua, the Navarre Arts Market, will host the presentation of 32 artistic projects from the entire range of artistic fields and from various regions at different phases of the production process. Projects will be presented by Jorge E. Benito da Rocha, Iñaki Echandi Domeño, Rosa Iglesias Fernández, Myriam Garzia Etxaniz, Beatriz Churruca Echeverria, Pilar Martínez de Olcoz Esquide, Jose Antonio Ullate Aguad, Carine Aguirregomezcorta, Ángel García Moneo, Maite Redin Orzaiz, Amaia Roldan Abadia, Susana Cencillo, Johanna Moya Sierra, Patxi Goñi Oloriz, Pantxika Telleria, Ion Estala y Barrantess, Antton Bastero Rey, Miren Tirapu Goikoetxea, Eduardo Blanco Mendizabal, Iñaki Rodríguez Fernández, Endika Salazar Fontenla, Natxo Fernández Laguna, Eva Guerrero Rico, Donatien Garnier, Jean-Cédric Lazare, Ana Pimenta Hernandez, Vincent Thomas, Rut Munguira Elizondo, Leire Amonarriz Lecuona, Maider Lekunberri, June San Millán Ojanguren, Roger Goyhénèche, Myriam Flores Quesada, Maitena Muruzabal Ollo and Gianna Caronni.

Baluarte will also host meetings between institutions and sector organisations. Among these will be a meeting between technicians from the Governments of Navarre, the Basque Country, New Aquitaine, La Rioja and Aragon to explore potential collective developments, collaborations and co-productions in the audiovisual sector. There will also be other meetings, such as that held by NAPAR for its associate members and other audiovisual professionals attending 948 Merkatua, and the meeting about the distribution of Basque film between collaborators held by the Institut Culturel Basque.

Participants in 948 Merkatua, the Navarre Arts Market will have access to the 948 Merkatua Professional App. With this exclusive accredited attendee app, you will be able to make appointments, see the professional profiles of other accredited attendees, create professional tours, and get all the information you need to get the most out of the event.

On top of all of these proposals designed for professionals from the cultural and creative industries, there will be an artistic programme with over 70 exhibitions in different venues across Pamplona. This programme will also be open to the general public.

Follow this link for the updated programme, schedules and venues


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