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Performing Arts

Teatro Gayarre / ENT/NAE / Plaza del Castillo
November 15th and 16th


  • Precio: 3 euros 
  • Horario de taquilla: 
    • Martes 14:  de 12:00 a 14:00 y de 17:30 a 20:30 horas
    • Miércoles 15: de 12:00 a 14:00 y de 16:00 a 20:30 horas
    • Jueves 16: de 12:00 a 14:00 y de 17:30 a 22:00 horas.


  • Precio: 3 euros. 

Las entradas al público se venden una hora antes de cada espectáculo:

  • Día 15: 21:00 horas para la sesión de las 22:00
  • Día 16: 15:30 horas para la sesión de las 16:30
  • Día 16: 19:00 horas para la sesión de las 20:00

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Extraños mares arden
16:30 - Teatro Gayarre

Extraños mares arden

[ Laida Azkona / Txalo Toloza-Fernández​ ]

DANCE | Living arts

Three characters transform a museum hall into part of the Atacama Desert whilst they watch the history of the landscape that they have decided to inhabit go over their bodies. This is a documentary on the relationship between the mining industry and contemporary art, and the family that became richer with them both.

18:00 - Civivox Condestable and streets of Pamplona


[ Itsaso Iribarren / Germán de la Riva ]

Aforo limitado a 80 personas.

18:30 - Civivox Condestable and streets of Pamplona


[ Quiero Teatro ]

DANCE | Contemporary

Look left, look right. If you still don’t see the possibilities, look in another direction. If you come across a flower that you like, follow it… or maybe it is better not to.  Each experience, each choice takes us down one path or another. Home is a solo performance choreographed and performed by the dancer, Akira Yoshida, in which he takes a step back in search of his essence as an individual. It is the journey back home, to his comfort zone… or perhaps not.

Segismundo, acto primero
19:30 - Teatro Gayarre

Segismundo, acto primero

[ Acrónica ]

THEATRE | Street theatre

Segismundo, enclosed in a dark cavern, regrets his luck with the classic: Ay, mísero de mí! His soliloquy is interrupted by a strange presence. It is not Clotaldo or Rosaura. Neither is it Clarín. It is a Civil Guard who was passing by.  

Salir de cuentas a los 50
20:00 - Teatro Gayarre

Salir de cuentas a los 50

[ Tdiferencia ]

THEATRE | Contemporary

Due Date at the Age of 50 is a theatre production for an adult audience. It is a mature and funny comedy full of vindicatory and controversial contents regarding late parenthood and the right not to follow the obligatory steps and timeframes.   

La esfera que nos contiene
22:00 - Escuela Navarra de Teatro

La esfera que nos contiene

[ La Caja Teatro ]

THEATRE | Contemporary

The title of the text comes from a fragment of the novel, History of a Schoolteacher, by Josefina Aldecoa:

These children have never heard an explanation of the place the Earth occupies in the Universe, Europe on Earth, Spain in Europe. I don’t think that they even know in which point of Spain they are. They are enthralled by the discovery of the movements of the Earth, the passing from day to night, the changing of the seasons. I have told Lucas, the messenger, to get me the guide that he brought me, a globe of the world.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Km 0
16:30 - Escuela Navarra de Teatro

Km 0

[ La Banda ]


Two globetrotters decide to embark upon the journey of their lives… uncertainty, nerves, dreams, fears and ambitions. After the wait, the moment, time and date has arrived.  They are at the station and the adventure begins. On this journey, dreams are the objective, the imagination is the means of transport and reality is the starting point.  What point will they be capable of reaching? The journey will begin when everybody thinks that everything is over.  

18:00 - Civivox Condestable and streets of Pamplona


[ Iñaki Rodríguez / Carmen Larraz ]

DANCE | Contemporary

Music, contemporary dance and improvisation by three artists: Iñaki Rodríguez, Hilario Rodeiro and Carmen Larraz. The proposal is expression in itself and a moment of sensorial celebration with the spectator: the pleasure of dancing, the pleasure of music, the pleasure of observing and that of getting excited.  

19:30 - Escuela Navarra de Teatro


[ Trokolo Teatro ]

THEATRE | Classic


A character, who says his name is Félix María Serafín Sánchez de Samaniego Zabala, dressed in an elegant suit of the period, is accompanied by a servant who is pulling a cart carrying all of the utensils required for the pronunciation and enactment of various fables that he wrote in verse. The servant will be responsible for the music and narration.   

20:00 - Escuela Navarra de Teatro


[ La Piel Producciones ]

THEATRE | Gestural

A masked comedy that goes beyond words. A sequence of agile scenes and visual poetry. It is a concert with the accordion, bandoneon and accordina. This is an ingenious choreography in which the actors express themselves with their bodies. This staging is quite the opposite to inexpressive without uttering a single word. In an asylum, the characters will show us how easy it is to cross the fine line between sanity and madness.

Medida por Medida
22:00 - Teatro Gayarre

Medida por Medida

[ In Extremis Teatro ]

THEATRE | Classic

A corrupt government, a suffocating city, prisons, brothels, justice, God, sex and death are some of the themes proposed by Inextremis and the playwright, José Padilla, in this version of Measure for Measure by William Shakespeare. The play has won the Gayarre Stage Project Award 2017.


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