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Presentation of artistic projects

A space dedicated to the presentation of projects by artists.

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La Famiglia Toronbole

[ Bole Bole Toronbole ]

The magician Damiano Toronbole and the puppeteer Tonino Toronbole have returned to Italy and are getting ready to prepare their show, but not everyone is there. Giuseppina disappeared, and now they need to find her.



[ A Manifesto ]

In a small village, where relationships are rather weird, our character - Ego - writes about life and thought. He speaks about his surroundings and relationships, lost values, and also points out the changes he thinks are urgently necessary. An authentic manifesto.


Las Hermanas Caronni / Benjamin Colin / Kukai Dantza / Patxi Laskarai

[ Partir / Utzi ]

Leaving, going away. That is the moment, and what follows, that we want to explore. How will our journey change us? Expressing, through music, dance and words, the feelings and sentiments of a person who leaves a place; give a testimony about the decision to go away, the inner struggle between one’s roots and the need to get away. Adapting to life in a new place and still being yourself, reinventing and improvising all the time. A project in the creation phase, driven by the “” programme.


Iñaki Echandi Domeño / Funk Fatale

[ SUENA.ORG - Directorio de Grupos y Músicos de Navarra ]

SUENA.ORG is a web project that sets out to catalogue all the popular music initiatives (pop, rock, heavy metal, country, hip-hop…) that have emerged in Navarra over the last six decades.


Rolan Garcés

[ Rolan & Loop abestiak ]

Rolan & Loop abestiak, recorded at the end of 2017 in Color Hits, Buenas Compañías Estudios and Ag8st8 Estudios, is the first solo disc by Rolan Garcés, In it, he explores folk, country and blues.


Cuarto Pexigo Residencia

The Cuarto Pexigo artistic residence in Santiago de Compostela, currently in the beta phase, aims to attract artists from Navarra who may be interested in doing a residence in Santiago. It was inaugurated in July by Marisa Mantxola, a visual artist from Pamplona.


Grand Ciel x VJ Drone

The musical approach of Grand Ciel is anchored in reality while refusing polished concepts that make music inoffensive. Vj Drone creates an audio-visual reality that generates a digital fascination and it invites us to interpretation.


Gabacho Maroc

On the shores of the Mediterranean, combining Berber tradition, elements of Gnawa and touches of jazz, Gabacho Maroc traces a joyful blend of styles. A unique mix of genre that creates a jubilant panorama of sound.



[ EGO ]

Awake, even with my eyes closed, I am still alone. From the first call of my consciousness, the thousand and one voices of my EGO begin to awake. I recognise them, some have been with me for a long time, while others are new. We relate to each other: they are me, I am them.


El lagarto baila

[ Izzz...adi! (Nature) ]

A game for the little ones, combining music and dance. If you look carefully... you can smell nature, together with movable landscapes full of brilliant, low and attractive sounds… as well as many other sensations and experiences. Let the journey begin!


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